A Vegetable Garden Rainbow

We are loving our rainbow of colors which we find when we harvest from the garden. Red strawberries, yellow dandelion flowers for soothing infused olive oil, green nettles for soup, teas and vinegar, blue skies above our chamomile, pink radishes and purple-top turnips. All pretty and delicious too.

New Life

baby bluebirds

What difference a few weeks makes. Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird have been busy feeding their young brood. We knew all was well as we often hear the young bluebirds calling to their parents as they approach the house with worms. I opened the box whilst the parents were away and these sweet birds sat, as still as could be, pretending they weren’t there. They will fledge and leave the nest in just a few days. They barely all fit and their feathers are really developing so it is time. They will stay nearby to help their parents rear the next brood. Guests at Bluebird Cottage have a wonderful view of a bluebird box opposite the cottage. We have a trail of boxes on the farm. Bluebirds have very specific requirements for their homes and will not nest in a box with a view of another bluebird family. A few years ago a guest took this lovely photo from the cottage porch.


The bluebird is considered a symbol of happiness. They really do make us happy.